Thursday, March 28, 2013

Transsexual model Lea T

Lea T (born in 1981 and identified as Leandro Medeiros Cerezo), is a native of Brazil, and one of the world's current favorites in the fashion modeling industry. She is most known as having been the Muse of  Givenchy. She is also a pop culture icon of Transgender Advocacy in the LGBTQQIA Community.
Lea T., who went under the knife to make the dramatic change in 2011, was discovered by the Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.
The daughter of former footballer Toninho Cerezo, she first appeared on the cover of Love magazine, a biannual published by Conde Nast, locking lips with Kate Moss - an image that propelled her to fame.

Speaking to Oprah in February 2011, Lea broke down as she talked about the challenges she faced when she began the gender reassignment process in 2008.
She told Oprah: 'I was hoping I was gay. I was like, OK, I'm gay, because for my family it's less painful.
'I wish I could accept my body as a man. I would be a straight guy, having a girlfriend and a family, daughters, married, a normal life, but it's something in your brain.'
But she needn't have any regrets as her mannish look is proving popular in the industry.

40 Graus Models modeling agency director Sergio Mattos told  -   "we are in the 21st century and there is just more tolerance in the air. Here in Brazil we now have gay mayors, gay lawmakers," "So why not trans-models? The world has evolved and now discrimination is, thankfully, becoming a thing of the past."

 Transgender supermodel Lea T is one of the fabulous “Faces of Color” featured in the United Colors of Benetton's spring/summer 2013 

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SPRING 2013 (1) BLACK & WHITE!!!***

This season, designers put the emphasis on strong black-and-white looks.
 I happen to think that black and white is a stunning combination. Check out the above beautiful runway versions of Black and White (wow, stunning) and the bigger and bolder the motif, the better.